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Help stop child abuse

The Illinois Child Abuse Prevention Fund offers a unique opportunity for taxpayers to help prevent child abuse and neglect in our state. Individuals are asked to contribute on Line 28B of their Illinois State Tax Form. All donations received from Line 28B go directly to the Illinois Child Abuse Prevention Fund. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services administers the fund and distributes the proceeds to child abuse prevention programs across the state. This fund helps to develop and maintain community programs and services such as parenting education related to child abuse prevention; safety issues for children affected by child abuse and domestic violence; and public awareness and educational programs on child abuse prevention.

As you are completing your 2007 Illinois tax form, please consider checking line 28B and making a contribution to help stop the cycle of abuse that continues to be a devastating problem for our children and our future. Since the effects of child abuse and neglect are long-term and have a direct and profound impact on our lives, our communities and our country, eliminating the suffering of children is critical. To learn more about child abuse prevention, visit the Prevent Child Abuse Illinois Web site at

Roy A. Harley
Executive director
Prevent Child Abuse Illinois

Commenting on parenting

It was a sad article about Christopher ("Finding the strength to let go," February 2008), but at the same time it was embarrassing to read about this black women bringing eight out-of-wedlock children into the world to suffer in poverty without fathers, seemingly without shame. All of us black women are not that ignorant and out of control. I have three with my husband—not to say that that makes me superior (it does not)—but eight out-of-wedlock children is ridiculous.

Jenefer Beattie

Editor’s note: The story stated that Christopher’s mom was a single mother, not that her children were born out of wedlock.

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