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Perfectly plucky

For moms who are all about at-home coiffing and do-it-yourself preening or even regular arch maintenance, the Physicians Formula Brow-Tweeze three-in-one brow tool is right up your alley. The brow tool comes with all of the essentials to help you tweeze, shape and fill your eyebrows. The tweezers, although a little smaller than what you might be used to, are perfect for grasping stray hairs you might find. The Physicians Formula Brow-Tweeze comes in dark blonde, light brown and dark brown and sells for $7.95 and is available at www.physiciansformula.com



Fab sites on the Web

A slowing economy may mean less play money. If going to the theater or spa has become non-existent in your budget, check out goldstar.com. The site offers tickets to the theater, concerts, sports and spa services at half the price. Becoming a member is free, but there is a surcharge based on a sliding scale, depending on the ticket price. The average is $4.50 and event availability is based on the season. If you’re curious about the services, you can check out reviews from other members that run under each offer.



Confessions from the mom front

As a mom, you try not to make mistakes, but sometimes they happen. Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms
, by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile, is a book of misbehaving mom moments. "I let my two toddlers eat Milk Bones right out of the box," confesses one mom. "I figure if they’re not barking, they’re fine."
The anonymous admissions of minor and major secrets are hilarious. Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms sells for $12.95 and is available at chroniclebooks.com. No matter what your own little secret may be, this book is a nice reminder that no one will ever be perfect.


Regretting the error

Last month Fab Mama covered the Mommy and Me and Soon to be Mommy lunch at Delacosta, 465 E. Illinois St., Chicago. An incorrect phone number was included. The correct number is (312) 464-1700.


Flipping for flip flops

Summer time brings so many footwear options to the proverbial fashion table. Flip flops are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you’re looking for sandals to pair with an outfit, to help your muscles gain an edge or to provide more support for your feet, here are a few suggestions that will get you flipping and flopping through the summer months.

Rubber flip flops are most commonly spotted on the beach, but why not pair that cute print on the sole of your flops to the rest of your outfit? Lands End, (pictured), www.landsend.com, offers eight solid color and six print flip flops for $12 each. A few of the colors include bright parrot (green), lemon and rich red. Although spending the day walking around in flip flops may not seem like a good workout, you’ll be sure to feel the burn the next day when you wear flip flops that challenge your muscles. FitFlops, $49.99, have three different densities of foam, called EVA, that work the muscles in your legs and the gluteus maximus with each step you take. The technology, called micro-wobbleboard, works 12 core muscles. To find a retailer near you, visit www.thefitflop.com.

If you’re the type of mom worried about arch support and comfort, Chaco sandals, www.chacousa.com, might be an option. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, the flip flops have a "BioCentric" footbed that stabilizes your heel and helps control your feet while you walk. The flip flops come in five styles that range from $50-$65.



Sweet treat all-stars

Warm days call for a cool treat, but sometimes those sweet treats aren’t so fabulous for our bodies, thanks to too many calories and loads of sugar. Starfruit, 1745 W. Division St., Chicago, offers smoothies, shakes and parfaits that are low in fat and provide a healthier alternative to regular ice cream.

The secret is in the main ingredient, frozen Kefir, a creamy dairy product similar to yogurt. Kefir has 10 live probiotic cultures, known for encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. The frozen Kefir is always available in the original flavor and an additional flavor changes daily. For parfaits and smoothies, there are a variety of flavors.

The staff is always willing to help you choose from the more than 24 ingredients, which range from freshly made Rice Krispie treat bits and cookies from Alliance Bakery to Washington cherries and Brazilian gogi berries. There are also kid-centric ingredients such as Fruity Pebbles and crushed Oreos.

Prices range from $3-$7 based on the size and type of Kefir treat you choose. Toppings cost $1 for the first and 50 cents for each additional topping and non-frozen organic Kefir costs 50 cents extra. For a list of all of Starfruit’s ingredients and flavors, call (773) 328-2900 or visit www.starfruitcafe.com.


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