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Project get this book

I love love. Reading about love is fantastic, especially when it’s true. Every time I pick up Project Everlasting by Matthew Boggs and Jason Miller, I find myself feeling good. The authors are bachelors who went around the country in an RV interviewing couples who have been happily married for 40 years or longer. The college friends wanted tips for keeping the romance alive, avoiding driving your spouse nuts and finding the important ingredient for a solid marriage. Project Everlasting is available from Simon & Schuster for $23. For more information, visit the Web site at www.projecteverlasting.com.



Motherhood confessions

The holidays can get a little hectic. Coordinating schedules, dealing with your not-so-favorite relatives and getting the gang to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s with your famous sweet potato pie can be slightly trying on the nerves. Those are the moments where you just need to vent and blow off steam, but where? Perhaps a visit to www.truemomconfessions.com.

The best part of confessing all of your naughty, funny and just plain mean thoughts on the site is you can do it anonymously. The site doesn’t just pertain to your holiday woes; you can complain and confess year round. One of the latest favorites, "It’s OK to take medication if you need it to get through the day. It doesn’t make you a bad person—that’s why it’s there!"

You don’t have to leave your husband out. There is a Web site for him, too: www.truedadconfessions.com. But then again, maybe you should just keep that to yourself.




Talk Back

Tis’ the season to be shopping. Every year I find myself lusting over cute shoes, bags and other Fab Mama accessories. Sometimes, especially during the holidays, I allow myself one treat. This year, it’s a shoe rack (Rakku Designs) for my oversized collection of shoes. What has been your biggest holiday mommy splurge? Share your purchases in 30 words or less. E-mail [email protected]

A clutch accessory


Moms on the go need to have the ability to carry around diapers, wipes, cell phones and other mom necessities without giving up their style. When Amy Dufflin, founder of Clutch Accessories, www.clutchaccessories.com, had her first child last year, she found herself organizing what she calls her "mom goodies" into Ziploc bags. But the St. Charles mom, who has another bundle of joy on the way, found the plastic bags didn’t fit her needs. That’s when she decided to make her own.

She teamed up with her mother-in-law, Joan Dufflin, who also happens to be a seamstress, to help her develop her first prototype of the Baby Clutch. When her friends started noticing her creation, she began working on a business plan with her mommy-friend, Rose Rivera, who has since become her business partner. "What I loved about them, you can use them as a beautiful accessory in your handbags, diaper bags or alone and it doesn’t have the baby look," she says.

The clutches have enough room to hold a few diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment and a small accessory such as a pacifier or your cell phone. "Not all moms want to carry huge diaper bags all the time and want to return to their sense of style before baby," she says.

Amy wants Clutch Accessories to become a brand known for chic accessories. The Baby Clutch comes in seven fabric designs and sells for $36. "We want moms to carry this while their child is in diapers and beyond," she says.

Girl, are you gellin’?


I love getting dressed up for the holidays, but I don’t love the way high heels make my feet feel. Dr. Scholl’s to the rescue. I recently took a test drive with the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles in my cutest, but not-so-comfortable pair of peep-toes. The insoles gave my heel and the bottoms of my feet extra padding, allowing me, for once, to wear my heels all day. Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles sell for $7.99 and are available at most food and drug retailers. For more information and other products, visit the Web site, www.drscholls.com.


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