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Frost yourself in family

Get hooked on this frosty necklace that grows with your family. The sterling silver necklace holds white topaz charms of mom, dad and as many children as your family includes. The jewelry is part of Ajaron’s "Rocks to Buy Baby" line started by three moms, all of whom have twins.

The wearer may easily attach more family members by linking them together with the hook and loop system. Once they are attached, the links are secure and won’t detach but aren’t permanent.

The 16-inch starter necklace is sold with the mom charm for $59. Additional charms, which include dad, boy and girl, add about a half inch and sell for $24.99. Although diamonds are a girl’s best friend, nothing replaces family. For more information, visit the Web site, www.ajaron.com.


Give the gift of charity

The holidays aren’t all about presents, although sometimes it may seem that way. In my family, it is more about giving of yourself to others who are less fortunate. Instead of buying your friends and family an object or knick-knack, think about giving a dairy cow or vaccines to families around the world in your loved one’s name.

From helping a family in an impoverished country by buying five ducks for $30 to filling a child’s school backpack in America for $25, you might find the perfect gift from World Vision, www.worldvisiongifts.org. Gifts range from giving a child protection from deadly diseases to building a home for a single-parent family and cost anywhere from $20 to $2,000. There are more than 100 gifts available. For more information on the World Vision Gift Catalog, visit the Web site or call (888) 511-6511.



Talk Back

Most of us will make New Year’s resolutions. How many have you kept? Over the years I have broken countless resolutions (whatever happened to my resolution to read more books this year?). Share your resolution advice in 30 words or less. E-mail [email protected]


Raising eyebrows

Looking good and feeling good go arm in arm. It helps when you raise a few eyebrows as well. While you are shopping for holiday goodies on State Street this winter, stop by the Benefit brow bar at Macy’s in the cosmetics department.

The pink "bar" is set up more like a candy shop, only for grownups. It allows women to "drop in" with no appointment necessary for an eyebrow fix, even if they have little ones in tow. "We are all about making women laugh and feel good," says Juliette Levy.

One FabMama, Mimi Peles from Dyer, Ind., seemed to enjoy herself and so did her daughter. The aestheticians made it a point to entertain her daughter by applying a little lip gloss and glitter and playing with her while she sat in her stroller. One of the goals here is to keep everyone happy.

Benefit won’t send you home red with that ‘just-plucked’ look. Rather, the aestheticians will give you a touch up once they have waxed, plucked and shaped your beautiful brows. The touch up gives clients new ways to enhance their natural beauty with quick, easy products to apply.

Brow arching is $18. Other facial services include waxing of the lip, chin and sides and run from $8 to $24 based on the services. For more information on Benefit Cosmetics, visit www.benefitcosmetics.com, or call the brow bar directly, (312) 781-3084.


Bling babies


Matching mommies and babies? Not usually. But how can you pass up wearing what you’re thinking or shouting in the car/mall/dinner table? Add a few rhinestones and some attitude and you have a "Yes?/No!" matching Mommy and Me set from Tuni & G, www.tuniandg.com.

The holidays can become a battle of wills over toys, candy and everything else between mom and child. If you and your little and not-so-little ones find yourselves in this give and take of "Yes?" and "No!" why not find the humor and wear it out loud?

The sets come in black long-sleeved "No!" for mamas and sell for $38. Onesies and long-sleeved "Yes?" shirts for your kids run between $32 and $36. Tuni & G offer a large variety of matching shirts with funky phrases for your family.


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