How new moms can get their groove back after having a baby


Two tips to find yourself again

1 Find five minutes for quiet and do nothing

It can be in the morning or night when the baby is asleep, or naptime during the day. Take five minutes to not be "on," not do laundry, not clean the house. Just sit for five minutes and breathe. Release the stress, relax your body, and take in the moment.

The first couple months, even the first year, have so many challenges, but they also have so many beautiful moments. If we are lost in the chaos, it is hard to appreciate what is happening. Taking five minutes a day for breathing and being present can make a big difference in how you perceive yourself and your experience.

2 Make time for the things you love

Don't forget about yourself as a person; you are a mom, but you also are (fill in the blank with your name). Have a date with your husband, exercise, go on a walk with your friends, or go get coffee by yourself. Even a trip alone to the grocery store can feel like a wonderful escape. Let go of the martyrdom and realize that other people can and want to support you. Being away for an hour or two is good for you-it's an opportunity to recharge your battery so you are excited and ready to return to your baby.

Cathy Cassani Adams, author of The Self-Aware Parent and host of Zen Parenting Radio


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