What to wear, what not to wear

Etiquette for the first day from a middle school expert


It's not a good idea to have weird hair on the first day of school.

On the first day, everybody has to get used to you again and you don't want to stand out to anybody at first. You want to blend in. At least at first.

The shirt. If you think any type of teacher would disapprove, don't wear it until you get to know the teacher. But novelty shirts are a good thing. (Please note: His shirt in the accompanying picture reads, "I fart in your general direction.") And whatever you do, don't tuck your shirt in. Ever.

The shorts. They're fine, as long as they come below the knees. Short shorts are geeky. And don't wear pants. It's hot and the first day of school always seems really long. You don't want to be hot and uncomfortable.

Technical accessories. An iPod and cell phone are good, but put them away before the bell rings if you don't want someone at the school to take them away.

Backpack. Just don't wear the Barbie Girl or Power Rangers back pack.

Shoes. Avoid sandals, unless they're flip flops or those Croc things.

Socks. No high socks. Ever.

Evan Fisher, 12, Oak Park

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