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Fifth-graders love these books

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Editor’s note: These book reviews come from Mary Tripp’s fifth-grade class at Bateman Elementary School in Chicago.

The kid’s Lemonade Party conquers Congress Have you ever heard of a kid who ran for president? Well Judson Moon does in The Kid Who Ran for President by Dan Gutman.

Judson wants to become president one day. But his friend, Lane, points out things they need to have and do to become president. For example, he has to have a vice president (Mrs. Syers his neighbor and former babysitter), a manager (Lane), a first lady (Chelsea, a girl from school), and $20 million! They form a group called the Lemonade Party and reporters and people from all over the United States come to buy lemonade and they actually earn $20 million!

I think this book is unbelievable because everything Judson does is extraordinary. My favorite part is when Judson calls Arthur Kranz (the school bully) a booger boy while he is giving a speech in front of the whole school. If I could change anything in this book I would make Judson’s parents spend more time with him.

Any fan who likes humor (because of the part when Judson starts to make wisecracks when the reporter asks him questions), social studies (I never knew you had to be 35 years old to run for president) or fiction (both you and me know that a kid can’t run for president) will love this book because it is filled with all of them. Mohammad Khan, 11

A ring transforms this beast of a tale Imagine buying a ring that transforms you into a monster. Russell, the main character in The Monster’s Ring by Bruce Coville, buys a ring that turns him into a horrible beast. Will his parents and friends find out he has turned into a beastly monster? Will he stay a monster forever? Read The Monster’s Ring to find out.

When Russell bought the ring, he was supposed to follow some instructions about how to change to a monster and change back to himself, but he didn’t and that is how he turned into a horrible dragon.

This book was incredible. Who would ever think that a ring can turn you into a monster? I also think this teaches a valuable lesson, that even in the hardest situation you have to keep going. For example, Russell is afraid that his friends and family will be scared of him because he is now a monster. He gets brave and shows his new identity to everyone.

My favorite part was when Russell saves none other than the bully from the other bullies. He scares the bullies away. That really surprised me.

I think kids from ages 7 to 10 would enjoy this book, especially kids who love Halloween. Estefania Florez, 11


One girl is forced to make a tough family decision Imagine your mom leaving you with your grandmother when you’re 4. When she comes back for you seven years later, would you go with her and leave the people who have been your real family all those years? That’s the decision a young girl named Naomi Leon has to make in Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan.

Naomi’s mother says she’s going to take Naomi to Las Vegas and not her brother. But Naomi takes care of her brother and if she leaves, nobody is going to take care of him. Naomi’s mother is forcing her to go by hitting her. Naomi’s mom tells Naomi’s brother that she never wanted him because he was born mentally sick.

I think this book was a page turner because even though it’s fiction the author makes it seem so real. When the author includes that Naomi goes to pasadas it’s actually something people do for a celebration in Mexico.

My favorite part of the book is when Naomi gives her decision. If I could change something in the book it would be where Naomi’s mother says she doesn’t love her son because I thought it was really mean to say that, especially to his face.

I think people who want to learn a different language should read this book because it shows a lot of words in Spanish. What’s Naomi’s decision? Read the book to find out! Itzel Valencia, 11


This page turner pits girls vs. boys Which book is based on sweet revenge? Which revenge is most hilarious? Which revenge can hurt others feelings? It’s all in The Boy Trap by Nancy Matson.

A girl named Louise hates the boys in her class because they pick on her. She and her friend, Emma, try to get revenge on the boys by setting a trap that will make them feel bad about themselves.

This book was a page turner because I just had to know what would happen to the girls. I wondered if the girls would get their revenge on the boys. Or would the boys get their revenge on the girls? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part of the book was when the girls got jealous of the boys and that made me have pity on the girls. My least favorite part is the beginning when the boys were being teased by the girls. I recommend this book to people who need to get revenge on somebody else because once they read the book they’ll have some ideas on revenge. Next time somebody picks on you, trust me, you’ll know what to do. Zubair Khan, 11

Solving the mystery of a kidnapping takes strong friendships Imagine your little sister, who is 4 years old, being kidnapped by people who are your friends. Well, it happens to Chris in Someone Was Watching by David Patneaude.

Two people named Bud and Clover, who supposedly sell ice cream, kidnap Chris’ little sister, Molly, at the beach and just disappear with her. So Chris and his friend and assistant, Pat, start looking for her. They go everywhere in search of her, even breaking into Bud and Clover’s house, but still no Molly.

Questions are running through Chris’ mind. What if she’s dead? Where is she? Chris and Pat go all the way to Florida to find Molly. Will they find her? If so, dead or alive? Read the book to find out!

Someone Was Watching is an unbelievable book because it tells you step-by-step how a kidnapping and rescue happen. Also, because Chris was a kid, nobody believed him and he had to work extra hard to solve the mystery. It was amazing that Pat risked so much to help his friend. He spent all his savings to go all the way to Florida to find Molly.

I think anyone who has a younger sibling would enjoy this book because it is mostly about the relationship between Chris and Molly. This book will really teach you a lesson about who you can trust. Wendy Roldan, 10

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