They’re the greatest

That’s what we say about grandparents

By The Numbers - April 2006 The first baby boomers turn 60 this year—which means we are heading into a grandparent boom. This is good news. According to any survey, grandchildren tend to agree that grandparents are among the most wonderful people around.

Grandparents by the numbers:


72,000,000 Number of grandparents in the United States.

97 Percent of children up to the age of 6 who have at least one living grandparent.

3,900,000 Number of American households where grandparents live together with at least two other family generations.

2,400,000 Number of grandparents who are the primary caregivers for one or more grandchildren.

75 Percent of grandparents who say they vote primarily with the interests of their grandchildren in mind.

82 Percent of grandparents who see their grandchildren at least once a month.

5 Number of favorite things grandparents like to do with their grandchildren: eat meals together, watch a TV comedy, stay overnight, shop for clothes and exercise and sports.

70 Percent of grandparents who give more presents than anyone else at birthdays and other family occasions.

30,000,000,000 Number of dollars spent each year by grandparents on their grandchildren.

12 Percent of grandparents who surf the Internet.

32,000 Number of years ago when something nice first happened: Human beings started living long enough to make grandparents possible.

Zay N. Smith


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