Kids share their thoughts on Peace

The students in Erica Pagnucci's seventh-grade class at North Park Elementary School in Chicago were asked to write about what peace means to them last year. We're running them now, in honor of International Peace Day, which falls on Sept. 21, and in remembrance of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, five years ago this month. Cindy Richards

Everyone should strive for it in their life Peace is what we strive for constantly in life, not just abroad but in our personal lives as well-even in the smallest of things. People who are for violence are simply a roadblock, but we will not let them drag us down. We outnumber them, and we will show that peace is more than just a dove, that its scope is so large that it rivals the scope of the chromatin in our bodies. Those of us who love peace know that peace is the chromatin.

Peace allows more friendship, more business, more growth, more development, more wealth, more creativity and more life. Peace saves lives by preventing wars. Peace makes heroes because it brings out their humanitarian side. Join the world in the revelation of peace today. Donate your soul to peace. Will Riley, 13

It's rare. We need more of it and less hate Peace: a word rarely seen in our world today. The opposite of peace is war, seen way too much in our world. Hate and pain is what we witness every day. What about love and peace? They are witnessed a lot, but not as much as hate and pain.

One question: Why?

So many people try to stop hate but get in the way and are hurt or killed. Just teach your children the "right stuff," not hate. One person thinks they hate someone because of their race and then shoots him or her. Why have we fought so hard for freedom and only ended up against one another?

Still one question: Why? Kathe Freiberger, 13

It means you are comfortable with you Peace. n. 1. state of tranquillity or quiet. This is one of the most widely used definitions for peace, but to a 12-year-old boy it means something different. My definition for the word peace ranges greatly. Sometimes peace to me means reading a book with utter silence, and sometimes it means playing a game by myself. Some might say that my other definition of peace-playing a game by myself-is wrong, but to me, peace is whatever you feel comfortable with. So I can say that playing a game by myself is comfortable to me. In conclusion, that is what peace means to me. Kashief Muhammad, 12

It's something everyone should have By definition, peace is a state of calm and quiet, freedom from disturbing thoughts or emotions, or an agreement to end hostilities. If I were to make my own definition, I would combine them all because I agree. Peace can mean many things. It can be associated with the government and politics, or it can even be between two friends.

Peace is what takes place when there is no fighting going on. It could have started with war. War should never have taken place, and instead, if there was a disagreement, it should have been fought with words, not violence. The people in our world cannot be happy all at once, but with war it makes it so more than half of the people that live in our world are probably unhappy.

Peace is also happiness. When you're happy, you might be in a calm, relaxed or in an enjoyable state. Even if everything in the world was peaceful without any wars, things would change, maybe for the better or the worse. There's no way to know. Still, our world should be more peaceful so it would be less stressful, and life would be more enjoyable.

Peace is a state of mind that depends on our surroundings. For example, if you had a relative that lived in an area that was hit by a natural disaster, you'd be worried and not in a state of peace. Overall, I think that peace is a good thing and our lives should be peaceful more than half of the time. Although it's natural for bad things to occur, sometimes nothing can be done to stop it from happening. Julia Julstrom-Agoyo, 13

It's when everyone tries to get along I think peace is an ideal state of being. Peace is a thing that can stop killing, fighting and wars. If total peace occurred some things in our world would not be so difficult. The definition of peace is "harmonious relations; freedom from disputes." This means that everybody would get along and no one would have major disputes. It would be a perfect place. Emma Lubitsch, 13

Everyone deserves the absence of war For me, there are many definitions of peace. I think that peace is when everyone can relate to each other. I think that peace is the absence of war and hostility. I think that peace is an agreement between people or groups. I think that peace is something that everyone should have or something that everyone should try to get. Derek Muhammad, 13


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