Hold the mayo

By the Numbers - November 2006

Hold the mayo-Sandwich Day, commemorating the birthday of John Montagu, inventor of the modern sandwich, will be observed by deli enthusiasts everywhere on Nov. 3. So whether you're pro- or anti-crusts, lettuce all partake in the breaking of bread and relish all things sandwiches, by the numbers:

1762 Year the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, is credited with inventing the sandwich-his was roast beef-when not wanting to dirty his hands during a poker game.

2004 Year the Eleventh Earl of Sandwich, conveniently named John Montagu, opened The Earl of Sandwich, a restaurant in Orlando, Fla.

193 Number of sandwiches the American adult typically eats in a year, averaging…

…45,000,000,000 Total sandwiches consumed by grown-ups annually.

1 Rank of ham as America's favorite sandwich meat. Not to mention, the favorite cold cut of Tom Thomas, mayor of Sandwich, Ill.

6,607 Number of residents, according to the latest census, living in Sandwich, Ill.

5 Number of restaurants, according to Thomas, where you can buy a sandwich in Sandwich.

1,500 Number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the average (non-allergic) child eats before graduating high school.

50 Percent of all sandwiches eaten at lunch time.

1935 Year the first licensed character lunchbox, featuring Mickey Mouse, was produced in the United States.

$13,225 Amount one bidder paid for a 1954 Superman lunchbox (and thermos) at an auction in 2003.

245 Number of pounds Jared Fogle lost since starting his Subway sandwich diet. But if you think it was just the subs that got him slim, that's a bunch of bologna… er, baloney.

Teresa Dankowski


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