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Messenger bag by DadGear, $83; This messenger-style diaper bag was created with fathers in mind. This simply designed bag looks like it's more suitable for work or a laptop computer than for carrying diapers. The many compartments for storage are a great bonus, especially if you have more than one child and plenty of extras to store.

We have been using the bag for four months and it has proven to be durable. The bag can be taken apart easily for surface cleaning. It would be nice if there was some sort of plastic lining so the occasional yogurt or formula spill does not settle into the material.

It is slightly oversized, which makes it a bit awkward if you're carrying a big load. However, with a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old we do maximize all the space this bag has to offer.

Overall, it's a good bag and can be used for other purposes, for many years, after our kids have outgrown it.

Jeremy Galloway, Chicago

Marshmallow shooter by Marshmallow Fun Co. LC, $23.95; The marshmallow gun is a fun toy to play with for ages 8 and older. It requires kids to be 8 because you will need to be able to fire it, which does require some strength. Really young children might choke on some of the foam balls it comes with, too, which you can use instead of the marshmallows.

The marshmallow gun is very fun because it is a gun that will fire delicious marshmallows. The only thing that I caution is to not shoot people in the face or the mouth. This toy is great for children when they have nothing to do-all you have to do is fill the gun with marshmallows, push the two levers together and then "pop"-out comes the marshmallow.

One thing that might happen to the gun if you fire it way too hard is the gun might snap in half and break.

This item is something that I suggest you might think about getting. You will have to buy a bag of small marshmallows to be able to use the marshmallow gun for its main purpose-FUN.

Zachary Smith, 13, Oak Park

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