Ava, Aidan tops among babies

So long, Madison. Hello Ava and Aidan and all of his rhyming brothers, Caden, Braden and Jaden.

According to the Web site BabyNames.com, Ava and Aidan were the top baby names for 2006, with Ava pushing Madison out of the number one girl's name for the first time in four years. Madisons are now fourth on the list.

The BabyNames.com Top Names List is calculated from the favorite name lists of more than a million site members for the year 2006, the company says.

Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO of BabyNames.com, says in a news release that Ava started becoming popular after Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe chose the name for their daughter in 1999.

"It usually takes three-four years for a new name to make it from the celebrities to the masses," Moss says. That means we might be seeing a lot of Suris and Shilohs in the near future.

Tamara L. O'Shaughnessy


Most popular names for 2006

Boys 1. Aidan/Aiden/Aden 2. Caden/Kaden 3. Braden/Brayden/Braeden 4. Jaden/Jayden 5. Ethan 6. Connor/Conner 7. Addison 8. Riley 9. Caleb 10. Logan

Girls 1. Ava 2. Abigail 3. Kaelyn/Cailyn 4. Madison 5. Emma 6. Isabella 7. Bailey 8. Chloe 9. Olivia 10. Hannah

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