'How to Eat Fried Worms'

Kids love the grossness


'How to Eat Fried Worms" is about an 11-year-old boy named Billy Forrester (Luke Benward) who moves and starts at a new school. The school bully, Joe (Adam Hicks), puts worms in Billy's thermos on Billy's first day of school, and Billy accidentally throws one of the worms onto Joe's face. After that, Joe's really mad and he and his friends start teasing Billy all the time and calling him "worm boy." Billy finally gets mad and tells the bully it's no big deal, he eats worms all the time. So Joe forces Billy to prove it by eating 10 worms by 7 o'clock without puking.

Even though Billy's the kind of kid who pukes from just about anything, he decides to eat the worms. Whoever loses the bet will have to walk through school with worms in their pants. Joe and his friends spend the day cooking up disgusting batches of worms, but Billy's determined to win the bet and stand up to the bully so he eats them and doesn't puke. With the help of some new friends he makes along the way, Billy eats all 10 worms and eventually he and Joe get to be friends when Billy defends Joe against Joe's mean big brother.

My favorite part of this movie was when Billy won the worm contest because it was exciting that he ate all those worms and stood up to bullies. The only part that I didn't like was when Joe and his crew held Billy by his shirt and put the worm in his mouth and chased him with their bikes to make him swallow it. My mom and 8-year-old sister thought that the puking, eating the worms and cooking the worms were gross. They had to go in the lobby for a few minutes while my friend Sarah and I watched the movie and laughed the whole time. My sister closed her eyes a lot, that's how disgusting it was to her.

I would recommend this movie for kids ages 6-10 who won't think all the worm cooking and eating is too gross. The parents in front of me absolutely loved it, so it also a good movie for (some) adults. My mom didn't like it at all though-she thought all the worm eating and cooking was disgusting! Since I'd read the book, I knew what the movie was about and I wanted to see it.

If you are looking for a gross movie with humor in it, go see "How to Eat Fried Worms" right away. I loved it. It's in my top five favorite movies that I've ever seen.

Emma DeCarlo, 10, Darien


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