‘Hoodwinked’ fun for all

I’ll even buy the DVD

I didn’t have my 6-year-old with me for this review, but I’ll be taking him to see this movie as soon as I can. And I won’t mind seeing "Hoodwinked" for a second time.

Think Little Red Riding Hood, and add a dash of "CSI." Now sprinkle in a little "Fletch," "Mission Impossible" and "Charlie’s Angels," and you have the setting for "Hoodwinked."

Here’s the plot: There’s been a string of thefts in the forest, and the loot is the local baker’s recipes. Someone, or something, is trying to put all of the bakers out of business, including the Muffin Man, and Granny is tops on the list. So Red embarks on a coming-of-age pilgrimage to Granny’s house with the secret recipes in tow. What follows is a fast-paced, humor-laden account of the crimes and the investigation. Many sides of the story are told, including the perspectives of Red, Granny and the Wolf—all backed by a lively soundtrack.

It’s always nice to have a kids’ movie parents can enjoy. And not in the "it-was-better-than-I-thought-it-would-be-and-I-actually-stayed-awake" way. More like "that-was-a-really-neat-movie-and-I-won’t-mind-buying-the-DVD-and-watching-it-30-or-so-times." Much of the humor will sail right over the heads of younger kids, but there is enough kid eye candy and action sequences they will enjoy.

Warning: There is some crude humor and fight sequences toward the end, but nothing, I felt, to worry about. In fact, I found it more subdued than much of what is out there today on TV or in theaters.

So I recommend this movie for ages 6 and up. My only question was: Why did they expose the crook two-thirds of the way into the movie? But even that didn’t spoil it for me, and most kids won’t pick up on it. Enjoy.

Mike Phillips

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