You get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey

Let’s go fishing


It is spring, and a good time to take a long walk off a short pier—into a boat, is the best—and go fishing. Or from the shore of a river or creek. Or anywhere the fish are biting or sometimes maybe not. It is not a bad way for a family to spend time, and a number of families do, according to the numbers:

15 Years, the oldest a child can be and still fish without an Illinois fishing license.

13 Dollars, the cost of an annual Illinois fishing license.

390 Dollars, the cost of a lifetime Illinois fishing license.

1,200,0000 Number of Illinois residents who go fishing every year.

25 Percent of fishers who are between the ages of 6 and 15.

1,600,000 Surface acres of Illinois water to fish in, including the Illinois waters of Lake Michigan, lakes, ponds reservoirs, rivers, streams and creeks.

203 Species of fish that can be found in Illinois waters.

6 Species of fish that can be hunted with a bow and arrow—carp, carpsuckers, bufflo, suckergar (except alligator gar) and bowfin.

6 Number of times you can safely eat Lake Michigan chinook salmon in a year if the salmon is larger than 30 inches because of accumulate toxins, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

0 Number of times you can safely eat Lake Michigan channel catfish or carp of any size in a year.

10 Percent of fishers catch. . .

90 ... percent of the fish that are caught.

4 Number of fish that your child has to catch before he or she can come back from fishing and announce, for the very first time, “I caught four fish, and three  smelt.” Zay N. Smith

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