Brand names don’t guarantee product safety

Recall roundup - October 2005

Recall roundup Bike helmets that won’t protect in a fall, flotation devices that leak and deflate and sunglasses covered in lead paint are just some of the recent children’s product recalls. As this list of recalls shows, brand names, trusted retailers or expensive products are no safeguard against defective products.

- Sony PlayStation 2 AC Adaptor. The AC adaptors sold with the slim version of PlayStation 2 can overheat and melt, posing a risk of fire, burn and shock injuries. Sony reports 38 adaptors overheating.

- Pottery Barn Kids spindle crib. The spindles on the crib’s front rail can detach, posing an entrapment risk for the baby.

- Back Trails bike helmets. Sold at Target, these helmets don’t meet minimum federal requirements for safety.

- ZoloWear baby slings. Stitching that holds the webbing to the fabric can rip, causing the baby to fall out of the sling.

-Almar children’s water watch. Sold at Dollar General Stores, the bands on these watches are filled with petroleum distillates that can leak and burn a child. There was one report of a 2-year-old receiving burns when the child bit the band.

- Kelty Speedster Deluxe and Speedster Deuce jogging strollers. The stroller’s handle can detach from the frame, presenting a risk of falls or other injuries.

- Atico Arm Band Pool Floats. Sold at CVS drug stores, the seams of these inflatable arm bands can separate, causing the child to sink.

-Harley-Davidson BMX bicycles. Sold at Toys "R" Us, the fork that holds the front wheel can separate at the weld, causing riders to fall and suffer injuries.

- Walt Disney World red sunglasses. Sold with a hat, the red paint on these sunglasses contains excessive amounts of lead.

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Nancy A. Cowles Executive director, Kids in Danger

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