Saving the world


One recycled milk jug at a time


Earth Day, celebrated this year on April 22, is a time to appreciate nature and honor efforts to preserve our environment. What better way to help children understand the need to keep our planet clean than recycled art? This bunny planter, made from a plastic milk container, is easy to create and costs less than $5 for materials. You will need: • A clean, dry plastic gallon milk container • A small bottle of acrylic paint, any pastel color • One pipe cleaner, any pastel color • One pom-pom, any pastel color • Two white unruled index cards • Six toothpicks • A black marker • Three cotton balls • Small paintbrush • Scissors • Glue gun

Directions: Parents, cut the milk container in half horizontally in its center, leaving one side wall 4 inches higher than the others. This side will be the bunny’s head and body front.

Cut a small hole for drainage at the bottom of the container.

Using one of the index cards, cut two long, narrow ovals as ears and glue on the head.

When dry, paint the entire container with two coats of paint. Paint around the ears carefully, letting the white card show through as the center of the ear. Set aside.

While the piece is drying, cut two circles (1 inch in diameter) for the eyes from the remaining index card; cut smaller circles for the eyeballs and color them black with the marker.

To construct the face, twist the pipe cleaner into a bow shape and glue it onto the bunny’s neck. Place the pom-pom on as its nose, toothpicks on each side, and layer eyes with the white and black circles. Add cotton balls as its tail.

Fill the container with potting soil and plant some seedlings. Then watch how proudly your child will care for his Earth Day creation as it blooms this spring.

Diane Hardy


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