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Now that I have kids, the one thing I know for sure is...

This month, we took a different approach to the reader poll and asked, "Now that I have kids, the one thing I know for sure is ... " Your responses were funny, heartwarming and oh so true. Here are our favorites:

•... that we must live for the moment. We are always planning for the future-the next soccer game, the next ballet recital, where they will go to college, their weddings. It doesn't stop. When I get wrapped up in the planning of things, I take a deep breath and observe how my daughter tucks her hair behind one of her ears or how my son sticks his tongue out when he is practicing his letters. These are life's little rewards. Laura of Chicago, mom of Rebecca, 9, and Justin, 6

•... that there is a God. He has blessed me with two spectacular children who help me realize every day what is important in this world. Kimberly of Forest Park, mom of Jadalyn, 9, and AlexMae, 7

•... that rules are meant to be flexible. I miss my son terribly when I'm at work. So, sometimes I make his bedtime a little later or let him drink from my pop. I let him eat dessert before dinner or stay in his pajamas until 11 a.m. Spending quality time with my child is my first priority. Sometimes that means rules have to bend, and that does not mean that I'm a bad parent. Jodie of Wildwood, mom of Alex, age 3

•... that raising kids is a theme park adventure. Sure, you can buy the park entrance tickets-read the millions of books that answer zillions of "how to," "why," and "how come" questions. But once the ride starts, you find you are not on the merry-go-round, but the Tilt-a-Whirl. It is a heck of a ride and well worth the admission. Nicholette of Oak Lawn, mom of Jessica, 10, Megan, 7, and Andrea, 7

•... that everything is more or less-more hugs, kisses and love, less sleep and privacy. Vivian of Hobart, Ind., mom of Alanna, 8, and Dakota, 8 •... that my single, impoverished mother of three was a resourceful, patient, loving woman. My husband and I, with our education and socioeconomic advantages, have our hands full raising one tenacious 2-year-old. Way to go, Mom. Joy of Chicago, mom of Elizabeth, 2


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