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Our parent (and kid) reviewers tell us what works, what doesn’t


From baby wipe-warmers to flushing portable potty trainers, parents are bombarded with new must-have products. In our ongoing effort to help parents do the toughest job in the world, we are asking manufacturers to send us their products and passing them along to parents and kids for testing and review.

PlayStation 2 EyeToy USB Camera, by Sony Computer Entertainment America,, $49.99

USB digital camera makes the player the “star” of a PlayStation 2 video game. Motion-tracking technology translates body movement into on-screen interaction. Camera comes with 12 mini-games, including Wish-Washi, Beat Freak, Kung Fu, Soccer Craze, Boxing Chump

Looking for a new game that’s a whole new experience? Try EyeToy for Sony PS2. EyeToy is an interactive game where you stand in front of a camera and move around to perform various obstacles in the game. EyeToy offers many games for your entertainment but only some I found fun.

Games EyeToy Play features 12 mini-games to play. Some games include Kung Fu, a fast-moving game where you fight ninjas jumping at you from near buildings or on clouds from the sky; Boxing Chump, where you fight a metal robot; Wish-Washi, where you clean as many windows as fast as you can, and more.

EyeToy’s AntiGrav is a hover-board game where you jump and turn your body to steer to finish the course and win your race.

DDR Extreme, the newest game in the Dance Dance Revolution series, includes EyeToy features in its party mode. Not only do you move your feet and dance to the music, but you also have to move your hands.

What I think EyeToy was a great experience for me. I especially like the Kung Fu game, and my brother and friend agree. Soon after, though, we realized that we found about only three games were fun to play. Some games were fun at first, but then they started to get really boring. Now we enjoy only the Kung Fu game.

EyeToy AntiGrav was very difficult from the start, having many hard moves and obstacles, and the tutorial was no help at all. IT was another fun game but got boring very fast.

DDR Extreme has always been one of my favorite games, and I was thrilled when I found that it would work with EyeToy. Everything started off really easy but it got harder to reach from side to side and have your hand in the right place at the exact place at the right time. In the end I think this was a better game without the hands.

In conclusion, I think EyeToy isn’t all that great. I think younger kids would enjoy the games more because some are very simple. Harrison Brown, 13 OAK PARK


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