My perfect Mother's Day is...


Readers share their best memories, biggest hopes for the holiday :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

drawing courtesy of Tess Richards Fisher, 8  

May brings the day for moms. In honor of this Mother's Day, we asked readers what they think would be the perfect way to spend the day. Here's what they say (and if there's one you like, circle it and leave the magazine in a conspicuous spot.). My perfect Mother's Day is.... • Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, dinner in bed. Joy of Chicago, mom of Elizabeth, 2

• Waking up to a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds and having my four kids jump on my bed with homemade cards and little trinket gifts they made. Then it's off to church and on to the zoo for a family day and picnic lunch. When we come home, my husband and I put the kids to bed, order take-out and spend one-on-one time while I relish the happiness of being a mom to my four wonderful kids. Karen of Stickney, mom of Karina, 11, Anthony, 4, Keliah, 3, and Acacia, 4 months

• Every day is my day when my kids are happy. It is my day when I see my oldest daughter hit the volleyball over the net for the first time or when my twin girls develop their own identity and individuality yet keep that special "twin bond." However, I would like at least one day to myself—to be me and not "The Mom." Nicholette of Oak Lawn, mom of Jessica, 11, Megan and Andrea, 8

• To have a warm, sunny day to sit on my patio, which is rarely used, in my chaise lounge, which is rarely used, and read or cross-stitch while watching my kids play outside. I would have nothing else planned for the whole day and would sip a lemonade while feeling the sun's rays. Patty of Glen Ellyn, mom of Chelsea, 16, Will, 7, and Jack, 5

• Starts with a long bath and full body massage. Then a big breakfast. Next, we stroll in the park, where an ice cream truck driver tells all the mothers, "Eat all the ice cream you want, free," followed by a picnic and a carriage ride. When we get home, candles are lit and caterers from Leona's have delivered dinner, complete with red wine and strawberry cheesecake. Our son is off to bed at 9 p.m. and his father carries me to bed. Quanzina of Chicago, mom of Jahsia, 1½


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