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Tips to spice up school lunches :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Making a school lunch that kids will eat rather than throw away is one of those perennial parental challenges. A fun lunch can mean your kid will eat the healthy food and just might make him or her the coolest kid at the table. Here are a few tips for spicing up school lunches.

• Write a note: A simple "I love you" can reassure a homesick younger child, while a knock-knock joke can make an older child smile. Tuck the note discreetly under a sandwich to ensure it remains private unless your child chooses to share.

• Make it simple. Lured by the call of the playground, most children want to eat quickly. Send only ready-to-eat foods and repackage fruit snacks, pudding cups and other tough-to-open single-serving foods. Put them in a plastic bag or small plastic cup for easier access.

• Cut out cartoon strips for sharing. Passing around the latest comic strips from the newspaper is fun-and a great icebreaker to meet new friends on the first day in a new cafeteria.

• Make it bright. Toss a variety of colored fresh veggies into one bag or add sprinkles to celery packed with peanut butter. Add colored napkins or plasticware.

• Get creative. Cut the sandwich into puzzle shapes or string grapes onto thread or a stick. Try a themed lunch with goldfish snacks and starfish fruits as an underwater adventure. Consider packing only foods that start with the same letter or are the same color.

• Kid’s choice. Let your child select five lunch treats each week and include one each day.

• Make it a game. Draw a tic-tac-toe game on a napkin and include grapes and raisins to use as the game pieces. Gina Roberts-Grey


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