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Writing history Contest asks students to muse about black history :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


"Write to A-chieve!" is a writing contest for fifth through 12th-grade students in the African-American communities served by members of the Black McDonald's Operators Association of Chicago. This year's contest asked students to write a black history themed poem, short story or essay. The winning entries are reprinted here.



My ISAT dream

This morning I woke up With many things on my mind. I thought of the ISAT test, And I said to myself, There are many things I need to find.

I need to get some rest, And I need to eat right, I can pass this test, Without a fight.

Just how will I do? I know I'll do good. I'll study hard now, As I know that I should.

I love learning new things, It's not as hard as it seems. Keep your head in your books, And dream a big dream. That will be good enough, Remember learning is not tough.

Will I be a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher? I don't know right now. I'll just keep dreaming The dream will tell me.

I had a dream A dream you missed. Of me not passing the test. But I know that was a dream, I know that I won't fail Because I always try my best!

I have a strong feeling, I've never known a feeling like this. It's a feeling of confidence! Camille Kelly, Burke Elementary School, 5th-6th grade winner


Black Being black is a real struggle. It brings hatred and abuse. It's like living in a jungle.

Why was black the color picked Out of all the colors in the world, To be mistreated, stomped and kicked?

What does it really matter If you are red, white or black? It's the question I have asked But nobody has answered back.

If no one was different, And we were all the same, We'd live in a colorless world. Would that be so lame? Renee Wilson, Nia Middle School, 7th-8th grade winner


Emmett Till On July 25, 1941 A boy named Emmett came into the world His parents were Louis and Mamie Till And at the age of 5 he was very ill. He was stricken with polio And it left him with a stutter But it still didn't change the Beautiful wonder of his personality and his sense of humor In 1955 he jumped on the train To visit the Delta and a bunch of family and friends. He loved to laugh and he loved to joke, But this time it really wasn't a game. About 7:30 Thursday night There were lots of children with Moses Wright. They walked one by one into the store But when Emmett walked in it was just a blur. He asked for two cents of bubblegum, But to him it was a bunch of fun. He grabbed her hand and asked her out And there she fled without even a shout He ran behind her and grabbed her waist He bragged about the girls he had of her race After that a friend ran in and grabbed Emmett And that was the end Of a wonderful young and beautiful life But Emmett and his cousins left and was out of sight Three days sent by and they soon forgot But then they came and got Emmett late one night Even though they were white and even though they were tough Emmett had enough guts to say he was tough The two white men took him away and they started Hitting him in the face They were beating him bad but Emmett didn't care He still said that it wasn't fair He said he was the same as any other man And he had white girls for more than a friend They took him to the lake and shot him in the head And after that Emmett was dead When Emmett was found it was a big crowd To see his body and see what people were talking about It's a shame to find out what happened to Emmett Till And some people will feel the pain And always will

Marzilla Randolph, John Hope High School, 9th-10th grade winner

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