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Charlie Day  

Eragon a thrilling read Adventure begins with a rock

Eragon is a book about a boy who lives on a farm and helps his uncle. He lives near a small town called Therinsford in an imaginary world. The boy's name is Eragon.

When the book opens, he is hunting in the mountains near his town. Suddenly, there is an explosion. As the smoke lifts he sees a rock, which he picks up and casually places in his backpack. From there, the suspenseful adventures of Eragon begin.

I like this book because it is so engaging. Happiness, death, magic and action combine to make a compelling plot that I could not pull myself away from. When the next volume of this story comes out I will buy it for sure.

Christopher Paolini did a great job in Eragon of painting a picture in my mind. In addition to the words, there is a map inside the front cover of the book that is very nice and very helpful to look at.

Eragon is Paolini's first book and it is a best seller. The author was homeschooled and started writing this book when he was only 15 years old. I hope he writes many more. Charlie Day, 10, Glenview

Grace Kraft  

If life had passed me by An ode to things I'd miss As we go on, we do not realize That life can be short and time flies If life had already passed me by This is to whom and what I would say goodbye

I would miss the breeze of night The beautiful, silver moonlight The ones I loved and what I could taste Sleeping in comfort and awakening embrace

The sweet, calming sound of music Soft, comforting blankets to snuggle up with Heavenly fragrance of dazzling flowers And the warm and soothing showers

Sounds of mirth from beast and dove Oh I would say goodbye to all I know and love And today I will say with a sigh, "It is impossible to say goodbye." Grace Kraft, 12, River Forest

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