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Conjecture for Kids = fun for everyone You'll laugh so hard, you'll fall on the floor

Photo courtesy of Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin and his sister, Hannah, play a game of Conjecture for Kids

Conjecture for Kids is a game that will make you laugh so hard you'll fall on the floor. You play it in teams of two or more people. Each team has a sculptor. The sculptors pick a card (most are nouns) and shape some scented clay into that shape, trying to make their teammates guess what it is first.

But we prefer to play our version: a three-person game in which one person is selected as first sculptor. Whoever guesses it gets to sculpt next.

You get really funny things to build, like ears, a lawn mower, legs and silverware. Everybody guesses things that are totally wrong, like for feather, somebody might guess it's a pen. People make the funniest noises and actions trying to get you to guess. For example, you might make a Band-Aid and put it on your arm and start crying.

If you have a good sense of humor and creativity, you would really like this game. We think it is best for kids about 7 and up. (Our parents love it, too.)

It is made by Outset Media and costs $17.99.

Hannah Bloyd-Peshkin, 11 and Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin, 8, Oak Park

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