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Out with the new, in with the old-movies that is :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


The Wizard fo Oz comes in at #6 on the American Film Institutes' list of the 100 greatest American movies.

Think of your favorite movie as a child. Got it? OK. Did it have million-dollar special effects? Computer-generated anything? Was it even in color? Why not share this movie with your child-it might bring you closer together and it might be a bit more brain food for your child.

"It is so good for parents and children to have projects, to have something to talk about over the supper table," says Erika Karres, the author of Make Your Kids Smarter.

"I think some of the modern movies dumb things down. They have in-jokes for the parents but overall they don't really respect the children as much," says Michael Caplan, assistant professor in the Film and Video Department at Columbia College Chicago. "I think they treated kids more like adults if you go back 30 years."

"A classic is something that because of its story, because of its acting, because of its technical innovation or a combination there of, is something that people can look back at [and say] ‘That was a good example of what a movie should be'," says Caplan.

It also is a bit of history. "It's a depiction of how society has changed," says Karres.

And don't be afraid to challenge your children. "Try to be open to something that might be a little bit beyond their age but that they might be able to deal with if you're sitting there and helping to understand it," says Caplan.

Here are some other suggestions from Caplan and Karres about introducing the classics.

• Try reading the book first, then watch the movie version.

• Watch the original classic and a remake, then compare.

• Pick a movie with a subject your children are interested in.

• Trade movies. Have your children pick a movie for the family to watch and then you pick one.

• For a good start on the classics, check out the American Film Institutes' list of the 100 greatest American movies of all time


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