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This is summer we are in now. These are, in fact, the dog days of summer, named by the Romans, who believed that Sirius, the Dog Star, helped keep us warm in the summer, which indicates the Romans may not have been as smart as they looked. Here are a few numbers you should know for the family vacation season:

40 Number of dog days during summer (July 3-Aug. 11).

12,000 Number of hotels and motels in United States that accept vacationers traveling with their dogs.

25,000,000 Number of hot dogs that will be consumed in major league ballparks this summer.

6,975,000,000 Number of hot dogs that will be consumed outside ballparks in the United States this summer.

46,380 Number of miles in the National System of Interstate Highways.

100 Average number of miles between rest stops on the National System of Interstate Highways.

5,300,000 Number of spectators who will fit into ticketed events at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics. 2,500,000 Number of mosquitoes that will fit into a gallon jar.

3,810,804 Number of foreign tourists who arrived in the United States last July.

2,629,456 Number of American tourists who arrived at foreign destinations last July.

22 Number of times the average grill owner attempts an outdoor barbecue each summer, according to the barbecue grill industry.

1,800 Number of lightning strikes worldwide at any one moment.

3 Hours, the duration of the longest- lasting rainbow ever observed (Aug. 14, 1979, in North Wales).

Zay N. Smith


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