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Mother's Day is May 9. A few numbers about mothers are in order, and would it hurt you to call once in a while?

134 Number of years since Julia Ward Howe, women's rights activist and author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, proclaimed the first Mother's Day in the United States as a day of pacifism and disarmament.

90 Number of official Mother's Days the United States has celebrated so far.

74,000,000 Number of mothers in the United States.

144,000,000 Number of Mother's Day cards given each year.

5,000,000,000 Number of dollars spent on flowers each Mother's Day.

10,000,000 Number of Mother's Day spam messages sent each year.

1.89 Number of children per American mother. 10 Percent of mothers who have five or more children.

17 Number of years since the phrase "soccer mom" was first used.

1,200,000 Number of minivans sold in North America each year.

155,280 Dollars, the minimum annual salary a mother should be paid, according to one compilation of U.S. government statistics, for her combined duties as a child-care worker, cook, dishwasher and kitchen cleaner, chauffeur, laundry worker, maid, recreation coordinator, tutor and bookkeeper/secretary, among other things.

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