By the numbers



Zay N. Smith


It's all scary: the pumpkins, the cost, the candy and the costumes The end of the month brings Halloween, the magical time when our children go out into the neighborhood to threaten and beg. No. Let's put it another way: It is a magical time when children let their imaginations run free and then comes the candy. What could be more fun? According to the numbers, this is an opinion many hold.

17  Number of dollars raised by the first children who trick-or-treated for UNICEF in 1950 to help children who need help around the world.

123,000,000  Number of dollars raised for UNICEF by trick-or-treaters since then. Children and parents who want to help this year can find out how at End of commercial.

1,385  Number of pounds the largest pumpkin ever grown weighed. It was grown in Canby, Ore.

299,000,000  Number of pounds of pumpkins grown in Illinois last year (most of any state in the nation).

82  Percent of American children who take part in Halloween.

67  Percent of American adults who take part in Halloween.

1,500,000,000 Number of dollars spent on Halloween costumes every year.

1,900,000,000  Number of dollars spent on Halloween candy every year.

2,700,000,000  Number of dollars spent on other Halloween items, including decorations and crafts.

8  Number of movies in the "Halloween" series.

215,166,795  Number of dollars spent by theatergoers in the United States to see the eight movies in the "Halloween" series.



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