A poem for Mom


Illustration by Marc Stopeck


Mama For every time you held me close And all the times you cheered the most For all the tears you wiped away And all the bad guys I made you play For all the times you tied my shoes And all the times you kissed my bruise For all the times you held my hand And all the food that tasted bland For all the times you did not yell about the drink I spilt when I fell For all the spit-up, pinching, and even poo There are still a few things I must tell you You cook my food almost everyday You're never too tired to wake up and play You always smile when I do something wrong You always know all the words to every song You always tell me just what I need to hear That's why Mother's Day should come more than once a year Because with out you I'd be lost That's why they made Moms the boss So here is a kiss, and here is a hug Please go into my room and kill that bug Hammina Green

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