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It's fun for the kids, fun for the parents

April brings the annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day, revamped this year to include boys. We asked readers to share their experiences of taking their kids to work and to tell us how the kids felt about it. Here’s what you said:

• My husband took both of our sons to work. He works at a training center and does a lot of computer setups. Ken had both boys doing actual work for him while he did other setup work on the computers. The boys felt so important—they were actually helping Dad at work! Then they got a tour of the building and had juice and donuts in the cafeteria, meeting some co-workers (who made them feel special as well). It was a wonderful experience, and they have a little appreciation of what Dad does at work. Kim of Woodridge, mom of Alex, 7, and Greg, 4

• I am a nurse and I work at a long term health care facility. I took my daughter to work and she loved it. I think the most important part was my daughter seeing how important my job is. But if you ask her, she would tell you it was sitting behind the nurses’ counter and seeing all the busy things going on. She says now that she will be a nurse astronaut when she gets older. Either way, we had an experience that she still talks about today. Shannon of Chicago, mom of Paige, 6

• I first took my daughter to work about eight years ago. I worked at General Reinsurance Co. on the 100th floor of the Sears Tower. We followed my usual routine, which was to walk to the train but, instead of having earphones on listening to music, I had my daughter’s hand and was listening to her. I proudly introduced her to my “train buddies” and just had a great time.

I’m a clerical person in my department, but I wanted to bring my daughter to show her that no matter what you do, or who you are...you do make a difference and you do count in whatever you do. She had a great time labeling files for me, and helping me file away. My boss bought junk food for her (which was a major treat for her), and she had a wonderful time just looking out at the beautiful view of Lake Michigan from the 100th floor.

On our way home, she put her head on my shoulder and said, “Mom, you’re lucky to work there.” And for the first time, I actually felt it. Adriana of Stickney, mom of Talia, 13

Please Tell Us... In honor of Mother’s Day in May, we’d like to hear about the best bit of parenting advice you got from your mom. What did she say and when did she say it? How did her advice help you be a better mom? Deadline: April 7.

In June, we celebrate dads and their sense of humor. Tell us about the funniest “dad” moment. What does Dad do that makes the kids howl? Deadline: May 5.

If we run your response, we’ll send you a $10 Blockbuster gift certificate. We’ll print your first name, the town in which you live and the names and ages of your kids; please provide us with your full address and phone number for verification purposes only. Send all submissions to: Sandi Pedersen, Chicago Parent, 141 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, IL 60302. E-mail: spedersen@chicagoparent.com; fax: (708) 524-8360.

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