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Picturing possibilities

This month, we're looking at the world through the lens of the young people involved in PICTURE THIS Projects. The 10-year-old Chicago-based, nonprofit brings together volunteer photographers and community members to help young people use photography to build expression and self-esteem and bridge the gap between people.

Shavontay Turner, 12, wrote this to explain the program: "In our community, with help from the adults, young photographers experimented with cameras and different people. Although not everyone was willing to have their picture taken, everyone still had a good time. This experience was really enjoyable; we wished it would never end. We decided to take pictures of people, landscapes, architecture and little details which contributed to our attempt to become specific. During this project, we all learned that to get where we are going, we had to work together. So if you decide to take pictures, get with PICTURE THIS." For more information, visit



"I chose this picture because I like the way I shot Shavontay and how I was all in focus. I also liked how relaxed she looks and the beautiful background that was there." Latoya Winters, 12





"When I first took this picture I had a story in mind. The flowers came and calmed my mind just by watching the wind blow. Flowers are so beautiful at just bringing a pretty image to my mind. But the bad part about flowers, they bring bugs around. I just love flowers." Jimmy Haynes, 12





"I liked this picture best because I came in good view of the person I chose to photograph. Simplicity partakes in it as well. I feel as if too much background would take focus off the person being photographed. I think the shade brings out her face as well as the flower sprucing it up a little." Shavontay Turner, 12





"I like when Mickey leaned over on the pole and I took the picture." Marquieshia Coleman, 8




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