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A few more ideas for that leftover candy



When Halloween ends, the candy doesn't. If you're left with a haunting bowl of candy that would make any dentist cringe, you have choices. You can throw it away or try some more creative ways to dispose of it. These ideas will make children-as well as the dentist-smile.

• Decorate with it. Sort out 25 favorites. Glue holiday wrapping paper or hand-drawn scenes to poster board to create an Advent calendar counting down the days until Christmas. Or cut out a traced turkey or wreath from cardboard and tape the candy on for the feathers or boughs. Then allow children to remove one piece a day, or as a reward for finishing household chores.

• Share it. Fill a goody bag with a variety of candy and tie it with a festive bow. Contact a local shelter, children's hospital or children's organization to schedule a visit.

• Entertain the kids with it. Save some favorites for a rainy day scavenger hunt. Hide the pieces around the house and use clues to send the kids on the hunt. To ensure it's fair for the younger children, give everyone a list of the pieces he or she needs to look for.

• Have fun with it. Make a candy popper to liven up a weekend family meal. Fill toilet paper tubes with candy, wrap them with tissue paper. Leave some additional paper on both ends and tie it with yarn, string or ribbons. Pull off the paper and out pops the candy.


-- Gina Roberts-Grey


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