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Mother's Day picture frame a gift from the heart


Nothing says “I love you” better than a handmade gift. Despite how lumpy, crooked or blotched it may look, you can’t help but appreciate the work that goes into a child’s creation.

With Mother’s Day coming up, here’s a simple and inexpensive way your child can create a keepsake frame for Mom, an aunt or a grandmother.


You will need: • a used or new 8-by-10-inch smooth-surface wood frame, one with minimal grooves, ($2);

• two small bottles of acrylic paint, one white and a second of your choice, ($2);

• a smock and area coverings, acrylic paint does not come off clothes easily;

• a packet of decorations, beads or embellishments, often found in the T-shirt aisle of a craft store, ($2.50);

• a small soft-bristle paintbrush;

• sandpaper;

• scotch tape and glue.

Remove the glass and backing from the frame and store it elsewhere. Then help your child sand the old paint or wood areas of the frame until the surface is smooth and dry. The paint will absorb better with a sanded surface.

Next, paint the frame with your white base color. It may need two coats. When the frame is dry, cut several small strips of tape and wrap them every ½ to 1 inch onto the frame. Horizontally wrap the tape on the left and right sides, and place them vertically on the top and bottom to create a stripe when you paint the untaped portions in the second color.

When dry, slowly peel the tape off and you will be left with a perfectly striped wooden picture frame. Glue the small beads and embellishments randomly around the frame.

As a final touch: Before putting the glass and backing on, ask your child to create a drawing with himself and Mom. Or if you’d like, enlarge a family portrait and slip it inside. This gift will be a wonderful addition to your decor and your child will be glad he took the time to make it.

This homemade craft teaches children patience, is inexpensive (under $6), helps find new uses for household items and helps children savor the idea of making a gift rather than buying one.

-- Diane Hardy

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