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Homemade Olympic medal

Another simple Olympic-themed project is making medals with your little Olympians. Organize some friendly "Olympic competition" between the kids, complete...


Make a mini Olympic torch in 5 minutes

Make your own mini-Olympic torches to celebrate the summer Olympics in Rio.


Trash to treasure

Turn old socks, cardboard tubes and plastic lids into fun craft projects.


Egg Carton Caterpillar

These little critters are an easy project for preschool-aged children.


Twiggy Halloween Pumpkin

You can carve them. You can paint them. You could always stencil them. But why not try something new with your pumpkins this year? Use your creativity...


Teach your child to sew with these fun crafts

Does your child know how to sew? Do you? Members of older generations learned how to sew as a basic life skill but many adults today have never acquired...


Make your own lacing card

Lacing cards are a staple in any preschool classroom. You could certainly buy some from the store, but it is fun to make your own.


Sew a stuffed animal

This project gives kids the opportunity to design and create a stuffed creature of their own.


Make your own Play-Doh

You can certainly buy the technicolor stuff from the store, but creating your own play dough is simple and fun. Plus, the kids really get two activities—making...


Homemade Puffy Paint

Painting is always a fun indoor activity, but your kids will really love the chance to make their own "puffy" paint. Try this art project and science experiment...


Kids Eat Chicago

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