Sock Pets


By Caitlin Murray Giles


Forget the rush to buy Zhu Zhu Pets. You can make your own little critters at home using a fun, patterned, adult-sized sock from your collection of strays.


  • Several adult-sized, stray socks (anklet socks made from a stretchy material work well)
  • Uncooked rice or flax seed (about 1 cup for each critter)
  • Scissors, craft glue
  • Small, colored pom-poms,
  • felt sheets, glue-on eyes, string or yarn, small buttons


  1. This project will work best if you use a thin, stretchy sock to create your critter - dad's old athletic sock isn't going to cut it. Fill the sock with uncooked rice or flax seeds until it is firm and oval-shaped. Knot the end of the sock tightly and trim any excess with scissors.
  2. Pull the fabric taut and shape it into a little pom-pom. Use a small rubber band to make a "tail." Make sure that this knot is very secure so that the contents of your pet don't spill out and make a huge mess.
  3. Glue on two eyes. Use an old button and some glue to create a nose. Another option is to trim a small piece of felt for the nose and glue securely.
  4. If you want your pet to have whiskers, trim a few small pieces of string and attach with craft glue.
  5. Glue on two small pom-poms to make the ears. If you don't have pom-poms on hand, two felt triangles would also make cute ears. Let the glue dry completely and check to be sure that the pieces are securely attached.
  6. Note that this craft project contains small parts that are potential choking hazards for small children.
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