Sew a stuffed animal


By Caitlin Murray Giles


This project gives kids the opportunity to design and create a stuffed creature of their own.


  • Canvas, heavy weight linen or duck cloth
  • Fabric markers
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors, push pins, a blunt needle
  • Eco-friendly craft stuffing


  1. Draw a figure onto the cloth with permanent fabric markers. Be sure to allow time for the markers to dry before you work with the cloth because the colors will smear.
  2. Use scissors to trim around the edge of the figure, leaving a generous border. Lay your figure on top of another piece of cloth and trim a second piece to match. Pin the pieces together to keep them in place. Make sure to supervise your child with the sharp pins.
  3. Thread the embroidery floss onto the needle and sew around the edges of your figure until you have a 2-inch opening remaining. If you are using a thicker fabric like duck cloth, you might need to use a regular sewing needle rather than a blunt, plastic child's needle. Keep in mind that the stitches need to be close enough together to contain the stuffing.
  4. Fill your creature with an eco-friendly craft stuffing. Sew up the remaining opening. This process will give the stuffed creature a raw edge and the stitches will be visible. If you want a more finished look, pin the two pieces wrong sides together and sew until you have a 2-inch opening left. Turn the fabric inside out, stuff and sew up the remaining opening.
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