Picture perfect snow globes


By Megan Murray Elsener

Rather than the traditional homemade ornaments as gifts this holiday season, try this easy and impressive personalized picture snow globe for your friends and family. Shake it up and let this snow globe shimmer for the holidays.


  • Mason jar (or any clear jar with a tight lid)
  • 4x6 photo picture
  • Laminate paper pouch
  • Mini styrofoam balls
  • Holiday embellishments (such as mini bells, small acorns, mini Christmas trees, fake berries)
  • Glycerin (can be found at any craft store)
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Water



1. Pick a photo of your child to use in the snow globe. A full body picture works better than just a face. Cut out around the body.

2. Using the laminate paper pouch, found at any craft or office supply store, laminate your cutout picture.

3. Once you've laminated the picture, cut out the figure again. Make sure you leave an edge around the picture so it remains tightly sealed.

4. Make a slit in the Styrofoam ball and if necessary, cut it in half. You also can paint and glitter the ball, but make sure it dries completely before use.

5. Slide the laminated picture into the ball toward the front so that it stands up straight. Seal the picture into the slit of the ball with the hot glue.

6. Then glue the ball on the inside lid of the jar.

7. Check to make sure the embellishments are OK to be in water and the materials won't dye the water. You may want to soak them in water beforehand to test.

8. Glue your embellishments around the picture to make a background scene. Leave enough room around the edge of the lid so it fits back into the jar. Test to make sure it fits before filling the jar with water.

slide 2

9. Next, fill up your jar almost to the top with water. Add glitter to the water. Large flecks of glitter show up a little better than fine glitter, but both will work.

10. Add glycerin to the water, which will help the glitter float a bit slower. Use 2-3 teaspoons of glycerin per cup of water.

11. Now insert the design attached to the lid into the water-filled jar. Make sure the picture lines up with a smooth surface of the jar when it's screwed tightly for the best view. You can put hot glue on the lid to seal it closed once it's in the correct alignment.


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