Jungle Gym / Justin Roberts CD Giveaway and the 57th Street Book Fair!


By Amy Bizzarri

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I'm usually not one for kid-specific music, but I have to say, it's been a trip listening to Justin Roberts' Jungle Gym. Every track is inspired by universal kid experiences: Sleepoverland, Trick or Treat, Fire Drill, New Haircut. Gym Class Parachute brought me right back to my childhood elementary school gym class, where, every once in awhile, Mr. Fabbri took out the giant parachute much to our delight.

Mothers of kids who are just now passing through or have passed through the Truck Obsession Phase will appreciate "Obsessed by Trucks." Fratellone, who has broken his arm a whopping FIVE times, most recently this past June while playing on the - you guessed it - Jungle Gym at school -  related to "Sign my Cast." I was offered to review this CD, and now I'd like to return the kindness and giveaway a copy to a reader.

Interested? Just subscribe to my blog - either Windy City Mama or tiramisumom.com - and leave a comment below detailing your happiest elementary school memory, and I'll let a  now cast-less Fratellone pick a winner next week.

In another blast to my elementary school past, yesterday, at Open House, my son's teacher reported that he has been sneaking reads of his book (he's currently engrossed in the Percy Jackson series) whenever he gets a chance. At least she winked and added, "I can't blame him though!"

Her comment brought back more memories of my school days, because I, too, was the kid that sneaked a read whenever I could. (I sneaked reading in because, well, I was bored in class. So of course now I'm worried that Fratellone too is feeling un-challenged by school. I'll have to keep this in check.Evidently, sneaking reads in class is a genetic trait that I passed on to my son.)

Meanwhile, I try to encourage his reading (outside of school) even more, and this weekend, we're heading out to the 57th Street Bookfair in Hyde Park to meet some authors (Blue Balliet!), check out new books and hang out with our fave storybook characters. We'll be there at 1 on Sunday to catch the Storybook Character Parade because I know that Pupa too will be thrilled to see Clifford . Hope to see you there!

For more info on the book fair, check out: http://www.57cbf.org/
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