Daddysitting: national trend or urban legend?


By White Dad Problems

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As more Dads are staying home to raise kids, or at least spending more time with them , a new trend has (allegedly) appeared, "DaddySitting", in which fathers can simultaneously hang with their bro-hams and half-watch their children. The hosts of WDP are skeptical.

WDP17: Daddysitting by ChicagoParent

You know who is bad at watching kids and not letting them fall off of stuff or eat dirt out of houseplants? Dads. You know who is WORSE at it? TWO Dads who are simultaneously trying to watch reality shows about crab fishing.

And yet, some magazines and blogs claim that "Daddysitting" is a trend that is sweeping the nation - with Dads somehow lining up their babysitting schedules so they can high five about ESPN IV events in the middle of the day while their kids play with the stove together. Todd, Matt, and D.M. aren't so sure this is a real trend, so much as an urban legend like huffing "jenkem" or "rainbow parties."

Also, the whole situation smells suspiciously like that situation "comedy" "Guys with Kids", which many people ask the White Dad Problems hosts about - prompting them to lash out violently. (Keep in mind that the executive producer is Jimmy Fallon, who has practically made destroying laughter into a science.)

Conclusion? Dads: Don't watch your kids in groups, unless you hate your kids. And, as always, Mamas: Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Or Jimmy Fallon.

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