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Big Pharma jumps into the fight against autism

Posted Jan 19, 2010 11:48 AM

"The drug industry is gearing up for an assault on autism," declared a recent article in Business Week, a fascinating look into the pharmaceutical industry's efforts - and financial stake - in bringing an autism drug to market.
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Parenting ... lowers blood pressure?

Posted Jan 15, 2010 9:50 AM

Certain parenting moments can make you feel like your blood is about to boil. So how to explain a new study finding lower blood pressure among parents than people without kids?
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Inked up: Couple charged with child cruelty after tattooing kids

Posted Jan 4, 2010 10:48 PM

A couple from Georgia have been charged with illegally tattooing six of their seven children. Weird? Definitely. Criminal? I'm not so sure.
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