This week in recalls


Window Shades

Hazard: Roman shades have an exposed inner cord that small children can wrap around their necks and cause strangulation. In addition, Roll-up and roller blinds, which are also included in the recall, also pose a strangulation hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: One death from the roman shades has been reported. A 22-month-old boy was found hanging from the cord and died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Back in 2009, another incident involving a 2-year-old boy, sparked another recall.

Description: The recall includes blinds from Hangover Direct, also known as Domestications, The Company Store and Company Kids/ The roller blinds in this recall do not have a tension device installed on the floor or into the walls.

Where you bought them: Hangover Direct, Domestications, The Company Store and Company Kids, online at and or through a catalog. They were sold nationwide from January 1996 through October 2009 for $20 to $579.

What to do: Stop using the recalled products, and contact the Window Covering safety council at 800-506-4636 of for a free repair kit. To reach Hangover Direct, call 800-453-1106.



Hazard: The reins on the horse's bridle are long enough for a child to be able to stick their head inside the loop and become trapped, which can lead to strangulation.

Incidents/Injuries: No injuries, but there has been one incident of a boy getting his head stuck in the loop. His parents were able to free him before he was seriously hurt.

Description: The horses come in brown with a light brown fluffy mane. Embroidered on the horse's ear are the words "press here" in red which plays the neigh and galloping noises.

Where you bought them: Love's Travel Stop and Country stores nationwide from May 2010 to July 2010 for $6.

What to do: Remove the reins by cutting them; this will eliminate the hazard. Feel free to contact Big Ideas Marketing at 888-908-8697 for instructions on how to remove the reins; visit their website at


Rocking Horse

The reins on the horse's bridle are long enough for child to sick their head through while rocking on it. They child can get stuck and strangulation can occur.

Incidents/Injuries: A girl got her head caught in the reins, but was not injured.

Description: The rocking horses are manufactured by The Rocking Horse Depot. They come in three different sizes and colors: small with in all brown with a brown mane; medium with white and brown hair and a black mane; and large with dark brown hair and a white mane. All three horses have leather saddles and sit on a hardwood frame.

Where you bought it: Online at from November 2006 to December 2009 for $105 to $185.

What to do: The Rocking Horse Depot advises parents to cut the reins of the horse. For instructions, contact the company at 623-302-6313 or visit the website at

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