Chicago mom shares guilty pleasure movies


By Jennifer Evers

Member of the Chicago Parent Blog Network

I’m a movie person. My obsession with the large screen started when I was young and watched “Grease” for the first time.


I still know every single word. And I can hand-jive with the best of them.


Now there are some movies that I will freely and willingly acknowledge are my favorites. Without hesitation and embarrassment. Those are the movies of my childhood, my teen years, and include everything John Hughes ever made.


Because, well, I’m a child of the 80’s from Chicago. #HughesForever


However, there are those “guilty pleasure” movies that even my very closest friends and family may not know about. You know what I mean by guilty pleasure movies, right? Those that when you see them on the program guides you absolutely, without question, MUST TURN ON AND WATCH THE ENTIRE THING.


Every. Single. Time.


These are the films that you not only know the majority of the dialogue to, but can probably recite trivia about the making of the film, the actors who starred in it, and potentially owned the soundtrack or a garment of clothing related to the film at one point in time.


Or maybe that’s just me and I’m an even bigger movie geek than I realize.


I’m not sure why my brain chooses to retain information like this and forgets to pack a lunch for the girls or pick up the dry cleaning. Maybe it has to do with which part of the brain is storing the information?? Regardless, I love movies, especially these, and at the risk of you pointing and laughing at me the next time I see you, I’m willing to share.


So here’s my list in no particular order:


Varsity Blues: Who didn’t want Dawson Leary to be the star quarterback?


Pineapple Express: The fight scene with the kitty litter makes me laugh so hard I almost throw up. Every time.


Point Break: Patrick Swayze without a shirt. Need I say more?


Grease 2: Let’s bowl, let’s bowl, let’s rock-n-roll!


Pitch Perfect: I hated it the first time I saw it. Now it’s hooked me.


The Hangover: There’s nothing that doesn’t make me laugh in this movie.


Cocktail: My oldest daughter was named after Elisabeth Shue’s character.


Easy A: Emma Stone sparkles and this movie is witty as heck. Plus there’s a hat-tip to John Hughes so how could it not make my list?


Married to the Mob: It’s all about Michelle Pfeiffer’s hair


Fargo: The wood chipper should have gotten an Oscar nomination.


What on this list is surprising to you? I’d love to hear what your “guilty-pleasure” movies are!



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