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karenPosted by Karen S.

I'm trying to stay ahead of holiday shopping for my three grandsons. I pick things up here and there and stash them away. As it gets closer to Christmas I analyze what I have left to buy and I find myself counting each boy's gift pile, trying to keep them as even as possible.

That must be a hold over from having four siblings and measuring "fairness" on Christmas mornings. It's sure not the message I want to give to the little guys, but even my daughter admits that she eyed her brother's pile of presents and measured it against her own. I am considering getting a pretty pricey Wii game bundle for the older two, but then their little brother's stash will look much heavier than theirs. As much as I hate it, that concerns me. Will they understand that they have less to unwrap because the cost was much greater?

Why did I think this was over when my children moved into adulthood? Truth be told, I still count their packages!

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