The Real Housewives of New York City's Alex and Simon talk parenting and reality TV


By Meredith Sinclair

Contributor and blogger

Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen were gracious and surprisingly down-to-Earth from moment one.

They arrived at their rented Lakeview apartment after an all-day book tour here in Chicago and when I asked if they wanted a break before we started shooting, they declined and with tired boys in tow casually welcomed me on in.

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We spent about 10 minutes at the front door unable to get the key working during which they remained completely calm and unruffled, but sounding just like my husband and I would sound in a situation like that.

Simon:"Are you SURE that's the right key?

Alex: "YES, absolutely, I used it this morning, I am absolutely sure!"

Simon: "Okay how about we have the babysitter jump the fence and try and jimmy the back door?"


I must admit I was slightly nervous as I pulled up in front of their apartment wondering if the two of them would be snobby or tight-lipped or if Simon might just be as kooky as he appears on TV. But from the big-smiled wave they bestowed when they pulled up behind me in their car, to Alex hoisting a lawn chair into the backyard in 4 inch black strappy stilettos, they were the picture of cool and easy.


bookI had planned on a 30 minute interview, sticking mainly to their newly released book "Little Kids, Big City", and avoiding any hot topics or touchy Real Housewives moments. But all that went right out the window once we started talking.

We spent over an hour chatting about everything from parenting under the reality TV microscope, to Kelly's nervous breakdown, to whether or not any of them really are friends IRL. Trust me, this is only the beginning.

In part 2, and possibly part 3 of my interview with Alex Mccord and Simon Van Kempen, you'll be privi to what really went down the past 3 seasons of the show, and how these two navigate reality TV life as a couple and as parents to two small boys. Francois and Johan were the picture of polite during our interview and thanked me ever so mannerly for the Tech Deck skateboards I had taken them. But I guess that doesn't make for very dramatic TV now does it.

Be sure to watch the always dramatic Real Housewives Reunion specials at 8pm CST. on Bravo. And then stay on to see Bethanny's brand new show "Bethanny Getting Married?"

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And be super-sure to stop back on Monday, when I'll have part 2 of my interview.

The part where Simon and Alex give it up about the "REAL", Real Housewives of NYC.



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