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Mayra Elisa Buitron

By Mayra Elisa Buitron

Katie Niekerk

By Katie Niekerk

Katie is a North suburban mother of one. She is a marketing copywriter by day, worker-outer whenever possible and valiant lover of top 40 hits.

Jenny Muslin

By Jenny Muslin

Jenny Muslin is a freelance writer, wife and mom to an active 2-year-old. She loves exploring the city and 'burbs with her family, from the outstanding museums and parks to the many delicious restaurants.

Tatiana Hauk

By Tatiana Hauk

Tatiana is a happily married, 30-something Northsider and blogger mom. When she isn't cleaning up bodily fluids or corralling her son, she's trying to get her thoughts down on paper. Her somewhat comedic ramblings can be found at

The Paternity Test

By Matt Boresi

The Paternity Test consists of the three former college roommates, now “on the wrong side of 35” and diagnosed with a chronic case of fatherhood. Being a dad is a test … and failure isn't an option. In addition to this National Parenting Media Association Award-winning blog, the dads host a weekly podcast that's been an editor's pick in parenting humor by iTunes and was's most downloaded U.S. Kids and Family podcast in 2014.

Momma Knows Best

By Jackie McGoey

Digital Editor Jackie McGoey is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her second child, Baby E. Follow along, from her third trimester through Baby E's first months of life, as she tests out the best products on the market to find the ones Chicago moms and dads can't live without. Email her at [email protected] to share your favorite products!


Tween Us

By Shannan Younger

Shannan blogs about parenting a tween at Tween Us on ChicagoNow and at Families in the Loop and was honored to be in the 2013 Chicago cast of Listen to Your Mother. A recovering attorney who works at a small nonprofit, she was excited to be quoted by the BBC, but hoping that they come back again soon to talk about something other than Justin Bieber.

Lollygag Blog

By Keely Flynn

Keely Flynn is a Chicago playwright, freelance writer, and blogger residing in a fixer-upper that would make The Money Pit blush. She lives with three young children, an extraordinarily tolerant husband, and two cats who just try to make it through the day without being ridden like ponies. An avid fan of mysteries and classic rock trivia, Keely prides herself on the ability to nap on any surface - and she uses hyperbole more than anyone in the entire world.

O..The Places We Go

By Cheryl Eugenio

Cheryl Eugenio is a wife and mommy to two toddler boys and a newborn girl who are officially addicted to traveling and exploring Chicagoland and beyond. She recounts her family adventures at O..the Places We Go. She also contributes regularly to She is living proof that yes, it IS possible to travel with kids - without pulling your hair out!

Passport Family

By Amy Bizzarri

Amy Bizzarri is a writer, Chicago public school teacher and mom to two kids - a preschooler and a middle schooler. She blogs at

Peanut Butter in my Hair

By Melissa Haak

Once lived in heels and dreamed of traveling the world, now lives in her minivan and dreams of a clean kitchen. | writer | creator | localist with

Failing With Gusto

By Marianne Walsh

One Chicago mom's attempt to keep an accurate log so her kids will have something helpful to show the therapists.


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